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  • Brazil Hardcore Champs "Worst" - "Cada Vez Pior" Coming April 29th on To The Point Records

    Brazil Hardcore “Worst” New Album “Cada Vez Pior” on To The Point Records

    To The Point Records has teamed up with Against Records to bring you Brazil Hardcore champs “Worst” new album “Cada Vez Pior” to the U.S. Pre-Order’s for their new album “Cada Vez Pior” are now available on To The Point Records. says… WORST, the Brazilian kings of Beatdown Hardcore are back, heavier, more aggressive [...]

  • Psycho Enhancer Limited Edition CD Re-Releases

    To The Point Records is excited to announce a limited edition CD Re-Release print of Psycho Enhancer’s out of stock hit albums “Broke As Fuck” and “Party Like a Psycho”. Available on April 26th 2014. They are also now currently brewing up their next album, and their first new single “Handle Your Shit” coming this [...]

  • Apparition new single "718" available April 22nd, 2014 through To The Point Records. Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & more.

    New Apparition single “718″ April 22nd, 2014 – Check out the Official Video

    Apparition’s back with their new single “718″ available this Tuesday April 22nd on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & more. This track is straight in your face brutal and Apparition’s staking their claim that they’re here to stay and haunt speakers worldwide. They just dropped the official video’s for the track including the remix version ft. Ben [...]

  • Doomsday Mourning - An Exercise in Futlity - Debut Single Now Available on iTunes Spotify Amazon and more.

    New Doomsday Mourning Single & Lyric Video

    New York’s Grimiest, Doomsday Mourning is back and they’re grimier than ever with the new single “An Exercise in Futility” just released on March 25th 2014 on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, & more. Check out the official lyric video here. Stephen Kain of commented… imagine rhythmically technical guitar riffs that convey a hardcore feeling with [...]

  • NFC Demonocracy - single from "1913" on To The Point Records. Find it on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & more.

    NFC “1913″ Now Available – Check out the first single video “Demonocracy”

    The revolution is here! NFC’s “1913″ is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & more. One review on iTunes says: This is true Strong Island Hardcore. These guys really hold it down and are brutal. If you like old school hardcore with new school breakdowns definitely get this album. Check out the official video for [...]

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