[typography font=”Syncopate” size=”22″ size_format=””]Nothing is Sacred is currently shredding it in the studio with Len Charmichael (Hammerhead, Lifeless, Shattered Realm) to release their Debut EP release with To the Point Records.[/typography] [typography font=”Open Sans Condensed” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#ffffff”]MUSIC[/typography]

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02 D.T.A. (Don’t Trust Anyone
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Nothing Is Sacred came to be in July of 2011 when former Suffer The Living and Heartbeatstill members Rich and Mike decided to team up with Justin (Abacinate) and Neel (NJDOTS) to start a hardcore slam project in which they could focus on creating high energy songs merging the most abrasive elements of hardcore and death metal.

The goal being to create a beastly, groove oriented sound that would pummel the listeners ears and undoubtedly induce violence in the mosh pit. Vocalist Mike Vile compliments the raw musical aggression with tangible reality based lyrics that explore the flaws of the human condition and address issues such as betrayal,abandonment and retribution along with the struggles of day to day life. Its through their intense live performances and sincere lyrical content that the band hopes to connect with its audience.The members of Nothing Is Sacred are veterans in the local scene and have been in various NJ/NY metal and hardcore bands for the past decade. Based on their mutual respect for each others artistic abilities and their common passion for aggressive music…these four scumbags seized the opportunity when it presented itself and started writing music for the new project. A couple months after coming together as a band, two self produced demo tracks “weight of the world” and “DTA” were released online.After the unfortunate departure of original bassist Joe Balls (Line Of Scrimmage), Nothing Is Sacred temporarily struggled to fill the bass slot and played its first show at the Boneyard in Atlantic City in may of 2012 as a four piece. Since then, Dylan Lamarche of The Gemini Method has come on board and filled the vacant position completing the lineup. Not long after, the band signed to Brooklyn based label To The Point Records and is currently in the studio in with Len Charmichael shredding up their debut release!

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