TTP 2013 – Nothing is Sacred “At What Cost” Release & Apparition “Merciless” Release


Great thing always have great set backs. We’ve had enough of our own here at TTP.  But thanks to everyones continued help and support, we are  right on point and ready to dominate in 2013.

Nothing is Sacred has been steadily grinding in the lab, and they’re scheduling to release their debut album “At What Cost” the first quarter of 2013.  Just wait till you hear some of these slams.  We’re kicking off the launch of TTP TV with “At What Cost Pre-Production” web series at Producer Len Carmichaels’.

Apparition has also been tightening and polishing up the tracks with Apparitions very own Producer Gian engineering. They’ve recently experienced a few line-up changes and this evoked another realm of Apparition’s sound with guitarist and second vocalist Marlo stepping up to the plate as front-women.  So keep up a look out for their debut album “Merciless” later in 2013.