Sentenced to Fight announces new album title and more.

Sentenced to Fight - "Retaliation" Coming Soon

Sentenced to Fight - "Retaliation" Coming Soon


A few words from Sentenced to fight’s lead singer Joey discussing the album’s name, the concept behind it, and what to expect when it drops.

“The last three albums lyrics had been positive, you know… how to be a better person. Not this album. It’s time to let the hate come out. Working this new album has been a soul cleansing for me.”

“We decided that the new album title is “Retaliation” to represent this sound.”

Sentenced to Fight is halfway through the writing and recording process for Retaliation. We had a chance to hear a few demo’s and it’s slamming. Fast roaring riffs with flow, an ny breakdown style topped with that puerto rican flavor added.

We are going to be dropping some behind the scenes footage and more soon so stay on point with us.


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