Doomsday Mourning New Album “Negligent Acts of Calculated Recklessness” – This June 2014 on To the Point Records

Doomsday Mourning new album coming soon on To the point records.

We are amped to welcome New York’s grimiest Doomsday Mourning to the TTP Records family! They’ve been writing and recording their new album titled “Negligent Acts of Calculated Recklessness” coming later this June 2014.

They recently dropped a teaser track of the new material on their Facebook page

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If you haven’t already check out their past releases “The Culture of Corruption” and “The Science of Exploitation”:

Doomsday Mourning is a five piece heavy metal band that came together circa 2009 in Queens, New York City. Their music is straight to the point with a New York attitude. Utilizing down-tuned guitars, intricate polymetered rhythms, and brutally honest lyrics the band has surely carved out their niche in the heavy metal soundscape. In 2010, the band independently released a self recorded EP entitled… “The Science of Exploitation.” The song themes range from taking on personas of crooked cops and drug dealing pimps, to deeply personal stories of betrayal and deception. The album features an array of guest vocalists including Frankie Palmeri (Emmure), and Sean Murphy (Endwell). The debut single “The Catalyst of Suffering” featuring Ronnie Canizaro (Born of Osiris) was one of the top 89 most requested songs of 2010 on 89.5 WSOU and has been widely received by other local and national radio stations.
Recently, the band has been touring the North East and playing the local New York City metal circuit. To date the band has opened in New York City for national metal acts Norma Jean, Stick To Your Guns, and Impending Doom. January 2012 marks another milestone for Doomsday Mourning as they release their limited edition EP “Culture of Corruption” further demonstrating the band’s brutal prowess and innovative music style. Shortly after a follow up full length will be released entitled “Predisposed.”