New Doomsday Mourning Single & Lyric Video

Doomsday Mourning - An Exercise in Futlity - Debut Single Now Available on iTunes Spotify Amazon and more.

New York’s Grimiest, Doomsday Mourning is back and they’re grimier than ever with the new single “An Exercise in Futility” just released on March 25th 2014 on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, & more. Check out the official lyric video here.

Stephen Kain of commented…

imagine rhythmically technical guitar riffs that convey a hardcore feeling with subtle hip hop influence — and all of it done right.

This just a piece of the insane riffs and tech slams they’ve been cooking up in the lab for their anticipated full-length album “Negligent Acts of Calculated Recklessness” releasing this June 2014 on To The Point Records.

Doomsday Mourning is also currently filling up dates for their July/August 2014 #NAOCR U.S. Tour. Contact Us for more booking info.

Doomsday Mourning - 2014 Full Album - Negligent Acts of Calculated Recklessness